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eBook design, conversion and publishing of your content.


Ebooks (electronic books) are digital equivalents of conventionally printed books. Like its traditional counterpart an eBook consists of text and, depending on the subject, images such as photographs and drawings. Although the eBook is often described as an electronic version of a printed book, it can and does exist without any printed equivalent.

An eBook can be in 3 formats, pdf, epub and mobi (kindle). All of these formats can be read on computers and portable eBook readers such as iPads, mobiles and tablets. Pdfs have been the industry standard on computers for reading any type of digital material but unfortunately, with regard to eBook readers, they are basically fixed pages that do not resize or flow according to the device they are viewed on.

For this reason, ePubs are the preferred format for eBook readers. Epubs are converted files that automatically resize and flow depending on the screen size and device they are being read on. EPUB became an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in September 2007. Mobi files are similar to ePub files but are read by Kindles and can be downloaded from Amazon.

With our knowledge of html and css, coupled with our extensive design experience we have no problem in converting your content, whether it’s the next best selling novel, travel guide, recipe book or children's illustrated storybook into a fully functional eBook in standard flow or fixed-layout format.

Digital publishing is growing at an incredible rate – From April 2011, according to Amazon, eBooks have surpassed print books entirely; they are selling more Kindle editions than they are selling from all of their print formats combined. Make sure you benefit from this rapid increase in demand for digital books – our eBook conversion services for writers and publishers offer cost effective design and conversion of content from electronic and paper formats into eBook formats suitable for all the major online retailers including: Amazon’s Kindle Store, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Waterstone’s, Kobo Books, and Tesco.